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Cable systems withstanding wear and tear or decay. Able to perform or compete over a long period.

Ultra strong

Constructions for an ultra-strength structure for unparalleled strength and durability.

Capable BV - Cabling for the AIS-ESAIL satellite

Capable, the specialist in customer-specific interconnection solutions, has designed and produced de complete cabling for the AIS-ESAIL satellite.

Space flight cabling is tailor-made by definition, seen the for each mission changing but always extremely demanding application requirements, at one hand environmentally (vacuum, extreme temperature changes, radiation), and at the other hand functionally (extreme reliability, signal and power supply stability).

Capable has all necessary know-how and facilities, including ISO-6 cleanroom, under her own roof to give perfect form to those requirements, supported by tangible references (or, to stay in space flight terminology” “heritage”).

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Lightweight, small, reliable and resistant to radiation and high temperatures: these are the qualities of wires, cables, cable assemblies, wire harnesses and connectors for space applications. Capable provides custom designed interconnects for the cabling, data transmission, high data rates links and power distribution in spacecraft. Capable has an ISO 6 clean room to fulfill prototyping demands and manufacturing of small high dedicated harnesses.

Capable is AS9100 certified.

You can find our AS9100 Supplier Requirements here.


wires and cables in compliance with escc standards, propulsion, data transmission, high data rates, low losses, bus bar and battery bar, nano-d and micro-d, d-sub and mil-dtl-38999


Rugged, reliable, EMI optimized, compact and lightweight: these are the qualities of our cablesand harnesses for military applications. Electromagnetic interference (EMI) is also a key issue for electronic military equipment. Not only the cables but also the whole interconnects have to be protected against EMI so that communication and navigation systems play their role on the battlefield. Capable delivers solutions for several land based vehicles and for military aircraft.



flexible power cables, high data rates, low losses and miniaturisation