How we do it

Capable's team always sees customer special demands as unique opportunities to create new, efficient and cost effective solutions that enable them to enjoy the best and most reliable products on the market.


Knowledge runs deep at Capable. This is where we add more value than any of our competitors. With our commitment to continually invest in expanding our knowledge base we are guaranteed to be at the forefront of our industry – now and in the future – and in all our market segments. With knowledge comes great power, which we harness and channel into our innovations.

Sterile environment
Capable’s cleanroom (NEN-EN-ISO 14644 class 6) makes it possible to improve and grow our knowledge and further develop creative (micro and nano sized) cable and assembly solutions especially in the medical, semi-conductor, space & defence segments.

Molding capabilities
Demands for quality, reliability and production efficiency are driving high-tech cable and connector innovations in molding machines. Capable does too. We have one of industries most innovative molding machines operating day-by-day, that facilitates us in complex automation processes.

Worldwide production facilities
In a fast paced world, we are proud to have extended our operation outside of our homeland in the Netherlands to include facilities in China and Poland, where we deliver outstanding quality and unmatched efficiency – time after time.


The future is in our hands and it is imperative that we leave a healthy and productive planet for future generations to enjoy. That’s why we not only reach but exceed the highest health and environment standards, thus ensuring the safety of our people and the quality of our product. We are proud to carry internationally recognised ISO9001 and AS9100 certifications. Operators are IPC and ECSS certified not because we have to, but because we feel it is our duty to.

Importantly, having been certified with AS9100, the widely adopted and standardized quality management system for the aerospace industry, we can take on an even more important role within the world of aerospace technology and manufacturing.

You can download our certificates on the more info page.


AS9100  IPC  



High-vacuum outgassing oven

Outgassing is a challenge to creating and maintaining clean high-vacuum environments. 
Materials can release light-weight molecules that interfere with industrial or scientific vacuum processes. 
Reducing the level of outgassing significantly can be done with a process called a “bake-out“.
This can be done on materials or even the entire assembly.
The rate of outgassing in a bake-out process increases even more at higher temperatures and higher vacuum. 

Capable has invested in an extreme high vacuum outgassing oven with high capacity. 
This oven can bake-out up to 10-6 mbar and up to 200˚C.