And we have great people

Since establishing our business in 1988, every member of the Capable team have worked here because they want to, not because they have to. Each and every person has a clear understanding of their role and how they contribute to something bigger – our customers’ satisfaction. With our unique history and heritage, we are best placed to offer specialist advice and to give creative solutions to the most complex of challenges.

Our Team

Our enthusiastic and dedicated team

Every challenge we face is unique and no two questions are ever the same. Therefore, it takes a dedicated team to think of a solution, create a fully functioning prototype and then manufacture the final fully assembled products in answer to every client request. At Capable every member of our team is as important as the next – without a healthy balance of thinkers, creators and producers we simply could not operate efficiently and deliver outstanding quality to our clients.

At this moment we are looking for new colleagues!

Will you be our new:

- Product Engineer - Breda

- Customer Support / Supply Chain - Breda

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We bring life to ideas and ideas to life.

How? Through our connectivity solutions. We make the connection between two previously unconnected items enabling them to communicate and work together. This delivers knowledge to the end user. Without Capable creating these connections the two items are useless, alone and non functioning.

We allow them to communicate together.
That brings them to life.


It is our mission to connect your world.

We will become the preferred global partner within our business segments because we create unique, customer focused connectivity solutions. We will achieve our mission by continuing to have a clear and open dialogue with our clients, suppliers and other business partners. Communication is the key to connectivity. We will always share our unique insights and knowledge while embracing best case practices with a clear understanding of our role in delivering future proof solutions to our customers.


Whether that’s through human-to-human contact with our clients and partners or sourcing the very best materials and components that connect two worlds.

We have an unmatched global network that helps us to achieve the very best results. We actively invest in identifying and training future specialists to enable us to continue expanding our reach and our talent base. Our comprehensive network of knowledge partners and specialist material manufacturers operate globally and with a borderless view of the world. Utilizing best known methods guarantees us the very best results. In a fast-paced world, we are proud to have extended our operation outside of our homeland in the Netherlands to include facilities in China and Poland, where we deliver outstanding quality and unmatched efficiency – time after time.


We are a preferred partner of Axon' Cable for more than 30 years.

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